I had prepared an ‘official’ third entry but I decided to be spontaneous and delight you with some sole triathlon training content. Given this is what my life revolves around. 

Sam and I use Training Peaks which connects to my Garmin and allows him to spy on me and make sure I am doing as I am told. I try my best. 

So as well as my continuous whitterings to him over text, I also express any displeasure over Training Peaks. I try to give him Sundays off. 

So here is an extract of one of these entries on Training Peaks and what I subject my poor coach to. 

The session under attack was a 48min interval run set consisting of 8min max efforts and 2min easy with a warm up/cool down either side.  Running intervals are not a favourite but a necessity (apparently *eye roll*). 


Session Overview: 

  1. Got to the end of the road and had to turn around because my leggings were on back to front, not only that but inside out. FML. 
  2. It is womans week. FML.
  3. I am 1kg fatter and I feel like an elephant (probably due to point 2 above and pizza consumption). FML.
  4. I got stitch after the first max effort. THE ODDS ARE AGAINST ME. 
  5. A combination of 2, 3 and 4 above meant I was slower. A lot slower than I thought I would be. 
  6. This made me (slightly) late for work. HATE being late.  
  7. I boiled some eggs for lunch. 
  8. Forgot to take them out my car. 
  9. Am now about to take one of the senior partners out in my car. 

As you can see, I am a delight and full of positivity on a Monday morning. I am not sure whether Sam (coach) laughs or cries but 7 months in, he is still putting up with me. 

Today (Friday) is a rest day. PRAISE THE LORD. Since last Friday I have done some 11 hours of training.  This past week has been full of double sessions (morning and evening).  This weekend I have a 2 hour brick (Bike-Run) session, a 3,000m swim AND a 15km run to look forward to! 

Honestly, I actually enjoy this in an almost sadistic way and hopeful for some reward. *touch wood*. So far, there has actually been no single session which I have dreaded and despite my above ramblings, I am hooked.   

Life story to continue shorty but the the mean time, I am going to enjoy my REST DAY – to include pizza, my bed and aeroplane mode – some self-love which is WELLLL over-due. 

DND (Do Not Disturb). Have a killer of a weekend. Xoxo.  

Published by lifeoftri

26. Attempting to be a triathlete whilst having a life. Oh, and work to pay for both. Wishing for more hours in the day.

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