Back to the Party Starter.

This week I have been battling that absolutely rank cold/flu that has been doing the rounds.  Whoever contaminated me, you are off my Christmas card list.

I have been on enforced rest (courtesy of Sam (coach)) for the past four days and IT IS SO BORING. What does everyone do in their spare time?! Please enlighten me for future reference. 

I even had to cancel my Friday evening (social) plans. Brought a tear to my eye (genuine, it was a low point). 

Saturday I had to put my race case together and after some persuasion, and as I had stuck to instructions, Sam allowed me to have my own way and race on Sunday.  Unfortunately, there were strict conditions attached; under NO circumstances was I to max out (my next ‘A Race’ is in 2 weeks and a chest infection would be bad news); I was to ONLY treat is as a brick (training) session; and I was to ENJOY it. 

I am very proud of myself.  I did as I was told. I am actually becoming very well behaved. See how long it lasts; hopefully until the end of the season (two weeks). Now that is a real test of endurance. 

As I explained in my previous post. My first triathlon was the Shrewsbury Sprint Triathlon 2018 where I managed a 3rd. This year I brought a GOLD home as first female over the line AND first in age group (AG). 

I am pretty chuffed because:

(a) This week has been so snotty (BOGIES) and achy (Friday I was told to prepare for no race);
(b) Massive improvement from last year despite point (a);
(c) So much pressure on home turf so pleased to have pulled it off; and
(d) It was Sams last year as event organised and he wanted to go out on a high. He organised an impressive and popular event and I am proud to have him as my coach (not that I am brown nosing at all!). 

Unfortunately, not everything was smooth runnings. My T1 was pretty shocking. When you can’t feel your feet after exiting the water, putting shoes on whilst simultaneously jumping onto your bike can be challenging. Particularly when you mix it with a strong amount of Dyspraxia. Still better that last year. My run pace was OK (as instructed, not max) but ASTHMA WILL YOU BUGGER OFF. This is one thing massively annoying me. I mean, oxygen. Who needs that anyway?!?! 

On a serious note, any fellow sufferers – send hints and tips my way. 

This cold thing probably doesn’t help my case but lungs, pretty please can you cooperate with my future ambitions. Thanks in advance. 

Medal Monday, hopefully I will be seeing you again soon!   


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26. Attempting to be a triathlete whilst having a life. Oh, and work to pay for both. Wishing for more hours in the day.

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