Tri Lingo.

So you all know what I am chatting about so I have provided you with my interpretation of the triathlete terminology.

N.B. This is where my maturity level regresses.

Fartlek Training: 

Phhaaaaa. FARTlek. FART. 

Anyway.  It means speed play and is a Swedish term. So during a run I will add random fast efforts and then slow ones.  Basically interval training but less structured.  


My favourite. Hilarious. Essentially running out of energy mid race or during training. Torq, one of my sponsors, uses the slogan #unbonkable which again, I find hilarious. This is because the use of their products will mean you never bonk. 

If someone told me back in the real world that I was un-bonkable, I would be offended. However, on a race day I really really don’t wan’t to be bonking. 

Anyway, back to the serious business… 

‘A’ Race: 

Most important race of the season. 

Brick session: 

When you ‘brick two or more disciplines together. e.g. a bike into a run. 


Where you tuck in closely behind another rider, making the most of their slip-stream and enabling you to expend less energy, to the tune of up to a 27 percent reduction in wind resistance. All my races have been and going forwards are NOT likely to be draft legal.  However, given the obvious benefits of drafting, there are competitors who will try to get away with this when there are no marshals to witness it. There are some dirty tactics the lead rider can play in this scenario including firing a snot rocket. I would never dream of such a thing. 

Ironman (one day I will be an Iron(wo)man in full): 

  • 70.3: 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike, and a 21.1 km run
  • Full Iron:  3.86km swim, 180.25 km bike and a marathon (42.20 km) run

It takes over your life but how amazing would it be to complete! There’s a guy called James Lawrence (aka. The Iron Cowboy). He completed (the equivalent to) 50 full Irons in 50 days, over 50 states. INSANE. I just think he is amazing. Mind-blown.

Sprint distance triathlon: 

Typically a 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run

Standard distance triathlon: 

1,500m swim, 40km bike and 10km run. 

Standard distance is where I am hoping to place all my eggs over the next 12 months. 


Reducing your training in the lead up to your race to enable you to deliver your peak performance. 

Transition (T1 and T2): 

  • T1 is where you change from swimming to the bike.  So, out the water take off your swim hat, goggles and wetsuit where (hopefully) you have your triathlon suit underneath.  At which point you will have found your bike within the jungle, put on your cycling helmet, glasses and number.  You then pick up your bike from the rack and run to the mount line (bare foot).  Jump onto your bike, jam your feet into your shoes and away you go (all things going to plan). This is probably the hardest transition as you are often cold and slightly disorientated out of the water and getting a wetsuit off is no easy task! So how quick can you strip?!
  • T2 is the bike into the run.  In an ideal world, you will have taken your feet out of your shoes and be cruising into the mount line with just one leg on the bike ready to touch down with the other.  So both legs the same side of the bike. Jump off ahead of the mount line and (again, bare foot) run with your bike to your position in the rack. Rack your bike BEFORE touching your helmet.  Then remove your helmet and glasses (unless you wear them on the run) and then slip on your trainers (this is where elastic laces help) and off you go. 


A time trial bike is a racing bike designed for use in an individual race on roads. You are only allowed to use these bikes in NON draft-legal races and therefore, reducing aerodynamic drag of the bike and rider is important. Celia is my new TT Bike, she’s very sexy. Not legal for drafting due to where your controls are and your position.  You would not be able to respond as quickly if the person infront of you drops the anchor. 

Turbo Trainer/Turbo: 

A gadget I strap the back wheel of my bike to the enables me to ride inside/stationary.  It is good for interval sessions or when the weather outside is frightful. This is where Netflix comes in. 

Netflix and Chill (Turbo) anyone?!


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