Concluding Remarks.

My dating memoirs were intended to provide a three-part insight into my mundane dating life which is squeezed in around hours of training/work/pals/adulting.  Largely because I have not actually been on that many dates (the ones I have been on have just gone tits up or are not worth writing about) for many reasons (lack of time/laziness/a love for triathlons over men/stubborn independence). 

However, I am being pestered for conclusions to each of my tales.  I thought that it was all quite self-explanatory – evidently I am an independent lady (sometimes).  

For clarification: 

Dating Disasters Part I. 

I assume he still has my jumper (which I will miss this winter).  I never heard from him again.  Not surprising given my diabolical behaviour.  Although I would like my jumper back.  Not hinting 

Lesson learnt: Don’t get so pissed next time and always retain personal possessions. 

Dating Disasters. Part II. 

Possibly the most tragic of them all.  I was sacked off (equivalent of being dumped when you aren’t actually in a relationship in the first place) via text (pusssaaaaayyy) which I received whilst I had my head stuck down the toilet.  I wish I could say I was hungover after an epic party.  It was an epic party but unfortunately, I was just revoltingly ill.  Poor timing.  Not his fault.  Still horrendous though.  It was a Monday as well (Sunday night christening diva).  Absolute shocker.  I decided it was probably Karma biting me in the arse so took it on the chin. 

Lesson learnt: Not entirely sure.  I would probably have drunk more the night before to try and flush it out my system.  There’s not much G&T can’t fix. 

Dating Disasters. Part III. 

I think that was pretty well concluded.  I did check that he got home safely.  Apparently it was a rather expensive journey – c.20 miles at 23:00, I don’t really know what he expected. 

Lesson learnt: If someone says they’re 6’ they’re probably lying.  Otherwise I think my halo was still in one piece after this encounter. 

So there we are for all you nosey parkers.  Concluded.

For all dating enquiries, DM me but be warned, I’m running low on off-season blog content.  

Anyway, if you’d like to be featured on my blog, are tall dark and handsome with a good sense of adventure, have the patience of a saint, enjoy good food and wine, aren’t easily offended, not too needy/aren’t offended if I don’t talk to you for most of the week and are willing to see me on my own terms as and when I please then drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do/if I can (want) fit you in.  


Principally, I need some material to bash out another blog post. 



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