The Off-Season. Sleep goes MIA. Pt I.

So here I am, gone 01:00 in the morning on a school night, writing a blog about my inability to sleep. 

I could take the view that lying there with my eyes shut, at least trying to sleep is better than giving into the blue light of my Mac.  However, if I did that I would only be counting down the hours until I needed to be up.  In fact, my alarm is set for 06:00.  So, if I was to fall asleep right here, right now, I would be getting circa. 4.5 hours sleep.  I would therefore be laying there going over in my head how tired I am going to be tomorrow, how unproductive I will be at work, how clumsy I’ll inevitably be, how much more stressful I will find the day and how training will be of a reduced quality.  I am therefore effectively just putting these concerns to paper.  Trying to get them off my chest. 

So rather than laying there fretting, I am sat up, typing to my unidentifiable subscribers.  I’ve been here before and no doubt I will be here again. 

This is a side effect of trying to maintain jam packed days, weeks and months.  The gram shows my fun filled days; it doesn’t show the restless nights.  Nightmare. 

Whilst I am exhausted, I certainly need sleep to function at work, think clearly and be productive it is also SO important for my body to recover from training, sometimes I just can’t.  I do a lot of training and in theory I therefore need a lot of sleep.  So, there we have a problem.  

Because I know it’s a problem, I worry about it more and therefore don’t sleep because I’m worrying about that whilst also thinking about the rent review I have to instigate in the morning, the some £6 million pound valuation still sitting on my desk with an imminent deadline and the 30 new emails that have appeared in my inbox since leaving the office at 17:30.  I love my job but would rather switch off at this time in the morning.

A lot of people complain when they haven’t achieved their solid 8 hours in.  8 hours would be amazing.  As would be 6 hours.  I would say when everything is going well for me, 7 to 8 hours is a bonus.  So then when you put 3 hours into the equation for consecutive nights, it is interesting.  

Whilst in theory, off season should be giving my (mind) body (and soul) a chance to recover and build ahead of 2020, my head has other ideas.  

To be continued when I have put some more thought into constructive sleep content, after I have had a good night’s sleep… 

Night (hopefully). 


Published by lifeoftri

26. Attempting to be a triathlete whilst having a life. Oh, and work to pay for both. Wishing for more hours in the day.

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