The Off-Season: Sleep Goes MIA. Part II.

After my slightly dramatic last blog post (The Off-Season: Sleep Goes MIA Part I), I thought I would continue the trend… If you type into Google ‘Can you die from…’ fourth from the top is ‘…a lack of sleep’.  I just need to point out that I hadn’t googled this myself, I heard it on oneContinue reading “The Off-Season: Sleep Goes MIA. Part II.”

The Off-Season. Sleep goes MIA. Pt I.

So here I am, gone 01:00 in the morning on a school night, writing a blog about my inability to sleep.  I could take the view that lying there with my eyes shut, at least trying to sleep is better than giving into the blue light of my Mac.  However, if I did that I wouldContinue reading “The Off-Season. Sleep goes MIA. Pt I.”

Concluding Remarks.

My dating memoirs were intended to provide a three-part insight into my mundane dating life which is squeezed in around hours of training/work/pals/adulting.  Largely because I have not actually been on that many dates (the ones I have been on have just gone tits up or are not worth writing about) for many reasons (lack ofContinue reading “Concluding Remarks.”

Dating Disasters. Part III.

For once, I was on best behaviour.  Polishing my halo.  I found myself being invited to the cinema. The cinema is the WORST idea for a first date. The purpose of a first date is to interrogate and determine whether the other person is worth wasting anymore time on.  I had little else to do so IContinue reading “Dating Disasters. Part III.”

Dating Disasters. Part II.

You will be very pleased to know that this was not a complete disaster.  I mean the ending is still tragic, but I had a great time. Above average company.   Date 1.  Bouldering/Rock Climbing. In hindsight, this was probably not the best idea after a 2,800m swim set in the morning followed by an 80km (hilly) bike ride.  I hadContinue reading “Dating Disasters. Part II.”


For the past three years, my Nan and I have been touring the cities of Italy. 2017 we spent four days in Venice (our favourite), 2018 we travelled to Rome and Florence and this year, we have just landed back from Verona. We feel that we blend in with the elegant and glamours Italian locals;Continue reading “#NANONTOUR. Part I, II and III.”

Leeds Castle Triathlon.

My second ever standard distance race and a World Championship Qualifier. Obviously, I wasn’t there for a fun day out. I wanted to qualify for the World Championships being held in Edmonton, Canada 2020.  Dragged along all my fans. Mum, Dad, Nan, Owen (brother) and Ellie (Expected to be sister-in-law).  They loved the 3:40AM start.Continue reading “Leeds Castle Triathlon.”

Tri Lingo.

So you all know what I am chatting about so I have provided you with my interpretation of the triathlete terminology. N.B. This is where my maturity level regresses. Fartlek Training:  Phhaaaaa. FARTlek. FART.  Anyway.  It means speed play and is a Swedish term. So during a run I will add random fast efforts andContinue reading “Tri Lingo.”