You’ve Been Framed.

After my beginners luck at the Shrewsbury Sprint Triathlon, I carried on with my usual routine; occasionally venturing to the gym before work, working, eating, drinking, socialising, going away for weekends and sleeping.  Shortly after my apparent success at the event, Sam Mountain (coach for Amphibian Triathlon Coaching and SYTri) approached me at Rowton CastleContinue reading “You’ve Been Framed.”

Riding Solo (ft. Jason Derulo.)

So, in June 2018, I bucked my ideas up and launched myself into becoming a #strongindependantwoman. With the help of some very valued friends, I escaped the (beautiful) depths of Wales and moved to Shrewsbury as a lone free ranger.  Please refer to the above picture of me embracing my new independence. Getting naked andContinue reading “Riding Solo (ft. Jason Derulo.)”

Testing, testing…

OH HI THERE! WELCOME TO MY PUBLIC DIARY; AN ACCESS ALL AREAS ACCOUNT OF ME TRYING TO BALANCE TRIATHLON TRAINING WITH THAT THING CALLED WORK, SOCIALISING, DATING AND SLEEPING. Life is sometimes hectic, please bear with. x Exploring the world of social media, blogging and being a ‘triathlete’ – whatever any of those terms mean.Continue reading “Testing, testing…”