Shrewsbury Triathlon 2018.

As I have explained previously, the idea of failure gives me the heebegebies.  Failing at something is different for everyone and I appreciate that. We all have different hopes, dreams and aspirations.  Some people see success as making it over the finish line, seeing how many tequilas you can sink in a night (often me),Continue reading “Shrewsbury Triathlon 2018.”

Testing, testing…

OH HI THERE! WELCOME TO MY PUBLIC DIARY; AN ACCESS ALL AREAS ACCOUNT OF ME TRYING TO BALANCE TRIATHLON TRAINING WITH THAT THING CALLED WORK, SOCIALISING, DATING AND SLEEPING. Life is sometimes hectic, please bear with. x Exploring the world of social media, blogging and being a ‘triathlete’ – whatever any of those terms mean.Continue reading “Testing, testing…”