Concluding Remarks.

My dating memoirs were intended to provide a three-part insight into my mundane dating life which is squeezed in around hours of training/work/pals/adulting.  Largely because I have not actually been on that many dates (the ones I have been on have just gone tits up or are not worth writing about) for many reasons (lack ofContinue reading “Concluding Remarks.”

Dating Disasters. Part III.

For once, I was on best behaviour.  Polishing my halo.  I found myself being invited to the cinema. The cinema is the WORST idea for a first date. The purpose of a first date is to interrogate and determine whether the other person is worth wasting anymore time on.  I had little else to do so IContinue reading “Dating Disasters. Part III.”

Dating Disasters. Part II.

You will be very pleased to know that this was not a complete disaster.  I mean the ending is still tragic, but I had a great time. Above average company.   Date 1.  Bouldering/Rock Climbing. In hindsight, this was probably not the best idea after a 2,800m swim set in the morning followed by an 80km (hilly) bike ride.  I hadContinue reading “Dating Disasters. Part II.”